Conservatory News: We Got Our 501(c)(3) Status!

We are happy to announce that we have passed another hurdle on our way to forming the conservatory!  The IRS has granted us 501(c)(3) status which means that all your donations are tax-deductible!  The Young Lions Jazz Conservatory is now an official non-profit,...

In the News: Interview with Gil in SD Reader

Check out the June 22 San Diego Reader for a great interview with Gilbert Castellanos by Robert Bush. Robert Bush finds out why Gilbert decided to establish The Young Lions Jazz Conservatory. Click here to read the article.

Performance: Young Lions Perform at Fourth Friday Jazz

On June 23, 2017, Gilbert Castellanos and the Young Lions performed in the Fourth Friday Jazz Series at the La Jolla Community Center.  The audience was packed.  The crowd was riveted from the moment the kids took the stage and gave the kids a standing ovation at the...