Yesterday, August 20, 2017 was a busy day for the Young Lions – so busy we ended up dubbing it “Young Lions Day!”

We started the day with a parent/student orientation at our new home in Liberty Station.  We have over 40 students placed in six classes.  We heard from our instructors Gilbert Castellanos, Rob Thorsen and Marshall Hawkins and they are all so excited about the upcoming year.  The student ensembles were announced and the kids were happy to meet their “musical families.”  Then the kids toured the rehearsal rooms and had a short jam session.

Then we met up again at The Handlery Hotel for our fundraiser.  We were completely overwhelmed to welcome over 200 guests!  We haven’t totaled up all the money raised but it looks like we may very well have exceeded our fundraising goal.  Musical greats Holly Hofmann, Mike Woffard, Tommy Aros, Robert Dove, Matt Hall, Matt Smith, Christopher Hollyday and Marshall Hawkins all volunteered their time to perform with our Young Lions.  What an amazing day of music!  Thank you, San Diego, for coming together to support our mission to KEEP JAZZ ALIVE.