Audition Recording

Record yourself playing each of the audition requirements.  You can edit all the requirements into one video or create separate videos for each requirement.

Recording Tips

You may be among the best at playing your instrument, or a terrific singer, but a good or poor audition video can mean the difference between getting into the ensemble that is best suited for your skill level.

1. Pay Attention To The Deadline

If you’re not very experienced with audio and video recording, creating your own performance video can present challenges.  Don’t procrastinate!

2. Follow The Rules

Make sure to include all of the audition requirments in your video(s).

3. Practice!

Practice and hone the music you’ll be submitting well before the deadline. A number of things can go wrong with the recording so plan ahead, figure out what you’re going to record with, get your questions answered, and fix any problems in enough time to meet the deadline.

4. Make An Impression

Your recording may be our first impression of you. Put you best foot forward and show us who you are and what you can do – make yourself proud!

5. Location, Location, Location

Any area, from small bedroom to large living room, will work fine. Preferably you want a room without too many reflexive and hard surfaces. These surfaces will create an echo effect called slapback, making the recordings hard to listen to. If the room is full of hard surfaces, put a carpet on the ground or curtains on the wall to soak up some of the sound (this is especially true if you play a brass instrument). Try to eliminate background noises that the mic will easily pick up (wind, fans, air-conditioning, neighbors, cars, refrigerator, pets, etc).

6. Choose Your Recording Equipment

You will not be judged on the quality of the video production. We just need to see, and more importantly HEAR you!

Recording your audition on your cell phone is acceptable (some students use external cellphone mics which can help). However, if you have access to better recording equipment, please use it! 

Here’s a 2020 review of some cell phone mics

7. Do A Test Recording

Where you stand or place your mic is crucial to the outcome of the sound quality. Do a couple of test runs before you commit to recording that perfect solo.

Once you are satisfied with your performance and recording, upload your video to YouTube.